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Joint stock company is very similar to Limited Liability Company. JSC is Public Limited company and its stocks(shares) may be the subject of public trade. There are different minimum share capital amount for Joint Stock Companies in Latvia and it depend on JSC activity – for example, banks, insurance companies, non-bank lending.

Important about company in Latvia

Share or equity capital

Share or equity capital of Joint Stock Company in Latvia must be not less than 35000,00 EUR.

Legal address

Legal address of Joint Stock Company must be located only in the Republic of Latvia.

Founders and Owners of Latvian Joint Stock Company

– To register Joint Stock Company in Latvia minimum number of founders is one founder and maximum number is not set.
– Founders can be natural persons as well as legal persons.
– Founders can be residents as well as non-residents of Latvia.


Legal status of Joint Stock Company is legal entity. It means JSC can do all allowed economical activities according to laws in Latvia, for some business activities it is necessary to get license.


The company is liable to its obligations not more than its own property. Shareholders of Latvian JSC don’t take responsibility for company obligations and reversely – company don’t take any responsibility for shareholders obligations.


The management body of Latvian company are:
– board of company – minimum one board member. No restrictions on citizenship. Only natural person can be board member;
– council of company – three members (only natural persons). If company shares are in public trade, then minimal number of council – five members. Maximal number of members of council are twenty. Foreigners also can be council members.
– shareholders meeting
Company is represented by board members of company.

Company registration in Latvia process

All company formation and registration process consists of following:
– collection of necessary information for company registration;
– preparing foundation documents for company registration;
– signing of foundation documents, also at notary;
– opening temporary bank account, where to deposit share capital;
– payment of state fees for company formation and for publication official newspaper;
– foundation document submitting to the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia;
– company registration in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia and receiving documents.

Documents to submit in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia for company formation in Latvia

To register company in Latvia one must submit following documents to register of enterprises:
– Application Form for company registration;
– Agreement for establish company or Decision to form a company as sole shareholder;
– Articles of association of company;
– Bank’s reference on payment of share capital or for investment in kind – if necessary;
– Founder registry schedule of company;
– Confirmation to be a council of company;
– Confirmation to be board member of company;
– Resolution signed by board member about legal address of company;
– The real estate owner’s resolution of allowance to register the company in his address;
– Proof of payment (receipt) of state taxes for company formation;
– Proof of payment (receipt) for publication in official newspaper “Latvijas Vestnesis”

Necessary information for company registration in Latvia

To do company formation in Latvia and to prepare company registration documents we need following information:
– Name for company in Latvia;
– Legal address of company (Legal address for company in Latvia can be only in Latvia. We can provide you with legal address for company. Check section: Business support services);
– Information about founders of company;
– Information about board members of company;
– Information about share capital of company;
– business type of company;
– any other important information you wish to show.

Reports to tax office

VAT registration – If Latvian company plan to export goods, services or turnover of Latvian company during previous 12 month exceeds 50.000,00 EUR, then company is obliged to register as VAT payer in VAT register.
VAT report – there are various situations about VAT report submitting periods – every month, once in a 3 months, once in 6 month. Write to us about your situation and we will shortly explain it.

Report on salary – if there are employees in company then report of employee salaries must be submitted every month.

Annual report – company is obliged to submit annual report one time in a year.

Bank account for Latvian company

According to Latvian legislation company registered in Latvia can open bank account in any commercial bank in Latvia or in any other country. If bank account of Latvian company is opened in bank in other country then it must be reported to tax office.
So for your Latvian company you can open bank account in any Latvian commercial bank and manage it via online banking (internet-bank) and use Visa or EC/MC debit or credit card.
In some commercial banks in Latvia – it is possible to open bank account remotely on basis of Power of Attorney (POA).

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