Information about Visa

Visas and invitations

A visa is a sticker which is placed in a travel document. Before entry into Latvia a visa must be obtained at Latvian consular missions in foreign countries.
List of countries which citizens may enter the Republic of Latvia without a visa and stay in Latvia for up to 90 days within a six-month period from the day of entry:

– Austria; – Liechtenstein;
– Belgium; – Luxemburg;
– Czech Republic; – Malta;
– Cyprus; – The Netherlands;
– Denmark; – Norway;
– Finland; – Poland;
– France; – Portugal;
– Germany; – Slovakia;
– Greece; – Slovenia;
– Hungary; – Spain;
– Estonia; – Sweden;
– Ireland; – Switzerland;
– Iceland; – United Kingdom;
– Italy; – Bulgaria;
– Lithuania; – Romania.

Citizens from countries which are not mentioned above may enter the Republic of Latvia only with visa.

There are 2 forms of visa: individual visa and group visa.

There are 3 types of visa: single-entry visa, double entry visa and multiple-entry visa.

There are two types of Visa:

– short term Visa;
– long term Visa.

Documents required for submitting application of visa

– valid travel document; – accomplished, signed visa application form and photo; – document copy what confirms that the applicant has a health insurance policy;
– documents what confirms the reason for entry and the expected place of residence or invitation letter of approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration affairs (the invitation is valid for 6 months from the date of approval);
– receipt confirming payment of fees.

According to the Immigration Law, in order to be able to enter and stay in the Republic of Latvia, a foreigner must prove that one has sufficient financial means.

The following amounts are required:

The amount of necessary financial means shall be as follows:
– at least EUR 14 for each day of stay, if the planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia does not exceed 30 days;
– not less than the minimum monthly salary (EUR 500), if the planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia does not exceed 30 days;
– not less than the labour payment, in accordance with average monthly gross salary from employment in the Republic of Latvia in the previous year (in accordance with the last published information of the Central Statistic Bureau (EUR 1277)), if the foreigner wishes to receive a visa in relation to employment;
– not less than the labour payment of in the planned employment field of the foreigner, who receives visa as a seasonal worker in the agriculture, forestry and fishery field:
– crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities – EUR 994;
– forestry and logging – EUR 1346;
– fishery – EUR 1224.

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