Scheme of immigration to Latvia (European Union)

1. Collection of all necessary information about Latvia, about emigration to Latvia and then taking decision about emigration.

2. Signing a contract with about registering a company in Latvia and providing us with documents we need for starting the process of registration Latvian company and emigration to Latvia. Client must provide:
– Passport for traveling abroad;
– Home address written in English;
– Police clearance certificate proving that a client hasn’t committed any crime in his native country;
– Preferable name for future company;
– Division of shares in case if it is provided two or more share holders to company.

3. Advance payment 50% of the contract. Then prepares powers of attorney that Client has to sign in Latvian consulate in presence of notary and with their help we start the procedure of registration your company according to Commercial law of Latvia. Some documents must be legalized. For more information see: Legalization of documents.

4. After we get documents in one week your Latvian company will be registered and you will get proof that you are its 100% owner board member.

5. We prepare pack of documents need for residence permit (including proof of accommodation, company’s registration certificate, and translated necessary documents);

6. Scanned copies of all certificates are sent to a client and Client pays remaining 50% of our fees according to contract.

7. Originals of all needed documents are sent by currier (DHL or TNT) to a client.

8. Client applies in Latvian consulate (Latvian embassy) for multiple residence permit with purpose of running business. Residence permit gives right to travel in all Schengen countries (note: UK and Ireland are not part of Schengen).

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