Company formation >> Changes

Founder/founders can make changes in foundation documents and here you can get information about situations which are necessary to register in State register of enterprises.

– Change of legal address – Founders can change location of legal address. Legal address must be in Republic of Latvia;

– Change of company’s name – There can used letters of Latvian or Latin alphabet, name must be different from name of already registered company;

– Changes in articles of association – Articles of association must changed if founder wants to change name of company, number of board members, rights of representation of board members, value of share capital, number of shares, value of a share;

– Changes in membership of company – change of board members (appointment of additional board members, cancellation of board members, board member leaves board), in rights of representation, in information about board members. Board members are appointed for period of three years or there can be shorter period which is written in statutes. In these cases must be submitted application to register of enterprises about prolongation of rights of representation.

Other changes – buying and selling of company etc.

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