Sales and purchase of business or company

To start a business in Latvia there are two possibilities:

1. To make a new company;
2. To buy a running business.

Here are some advantages of buying existing business:

– Starting with the next day after the purchase, the new owner begins to receive back invested finances;
– There is formed circle of loyal customers and providers who trust to the existing company;
– It is more easily to acquire the financing;
– There is developed business plan and marketing.

Here are some disadvantages of buying existing business:

– Some businesses for sale are experiencing difficulties. It is really necessary to find out the real reason why the owner wants to sell business;
– It is not possible always to check all history of deals of a company.

The service is designed for sellers of business and buyers of business or companies.

To sell or buy business or company properly for adequate price we offer:

– Preparation of the company for selling or buying;
– Finding seller or buyer of company / business;
– Negotiations with both sides;
– Preparing all necessary documents and legal processing of transaction.

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